Jinguo Ceramics Factory

It is located in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, in ceramic technology and daily production has more than eighteen years. The main production facilities are medium-sized rolling tables and cubic kiln car. In addition to continuously develop new style products, we also welcome traders and agents designated under a single design, development and production. We will be sincere attitude, provide you with preferential prices, excellent quality and timely delivery.


Corporate philosophy —— To quality wins, to win the market with favorable price, to serve the customer with sincere attitude.

Domain —— Located in Chaozhou, which is known as “The Ceramic Capital.” Our factory has more than 18 years and are rich in production experience and production capacity through continue to explore and over the self-improvement.

Products —— Ceramics and porcelain products, which are various kinds styles. The designs are colorful and play the leading role, they are or fashionable, or elegant, or cartoon……

Prospects —— We will continue to introduce new originality, follow and meet the market's demand. At the same time, Customer's OEM production are welcome, we can make samples for approval quickly. From our efficient staff and lower production cost, you can be assured of competitive price, superb quality and fast delivery。 We are looking forward to cooperating with you !